TaxExperts SA has always been keen to work with Cypriot Accountants, Lawyers and Auditors.
We have long standing relationships with affiliated parties in Nicosia and Limassol with great success
and we would be happy to collaborate on all Transfer Pricing services.

We are not only seeking to work with big firms, but we require professionalism,
deep knowledge in financial accounting and tax matters, experience,
reliability and efficiency.

If you feel that you fulfil these criteria, we can work together on the following:

Benchmarking Data

If you already have, or you are willing, to setup an inhouse Transfer Pricing team, TaxExperts is your ideal partner for Benchmarking Data.
You can handle all the interaction and the financial relationship with the end client, and depending on the transaction type,
we will be providing the source data to build up the supporting documentation of the Transfer Pricing studies.

Full Studies

If you don’t have an inhouse expert, which is difficult to find since qualified professionals are limited in Europe,
TaxExperts can provide a full serviced solution for your clients. We can work individually or together on individual cases,
to build Transfer Pricing Methodology, collect Comparable Data and draft the study.


In order to protect our intellectual property we are NOT offering consulting services to our partners.